SheevaPlug image gallery

SheevaPlug from the front

The SheevaPlug is so small that it easily fits into your hand!
SheevaPlug in my hand

SheevaPlug from the front

The SheevaPlug features Ethernet, USB and SD, and offers a mini USB connector for serial and JTAG.
Ethernet and USB at the bottom, SD and mini USB (serial) on the top

Power connector of the SheevaPlug

You can remove the power connector and then connect a 2-pin cable.
Removed power connector

Power connector

Let's open the SheevaPlug... the power supply on the left, the main board on the right.
Open SheevaPlug

On the left side you can see the board featuring the SD slot and serial; on the right is the main board with the Kirkwood chip, RAM, flash and Ethernet and USB connector.
SheevaPlug main board

The CPU, RAM chips, flash chip and other components.
SheevaPlug main board

SheevaPlug main board