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Plug Computer models and how well they are supported in Debian

There are many different variants of the plug computer and not all variants are supported by Debian. This page provides an overview of different plug computer models and describes how well they are supported by Debian.

Generally speaking, there are two classes of plug computer: development kits and retail products. The development kits include a debugging module (either internally or externally) that offers access to the serial console and to JTAG. This debugging option is important in case something goes wrong with the installation or operation of Debian. Because of the importance of the debugging module, I'm primarily planning to support development kits. There will also be limited support for some retail products to which users have manually added a serial console. However, adding a serial console to a retail product will usually involve soldering and no support for this process is given here. Therefore, unless you know how to tinker with hardware, make sure to get a development kit with a debugging module!

Models with full support

The following models are fully supported by Debian. Please read the installation guide if you want to install Debian.

Models with limited support

The following model is supported by Debian but you have to manually add a serial console to your device in order to install Debian. No help is given here for adding a serial console so I suggest you buy a development kit with debugging module if you don't know how to add a serial console. If you have successfully added a serial console and can interact with u-boot, follow the installation guide to install Debian.

Models that may or may not be supported in the future

Please note that I don't have time to add support for new devices, but you're welcome to add support for devices you're interested in. Please contact the debian-arm mailing list if you're working on adding support for a new device and need feedback or help.

Unsupported models without plans to support

The following devices are retail products which lack the debugging option. They will not be supported:

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