Photo of Martin

I have been involved in various free and open source software projects for over 25 years. I'm a member of the Debian project and acted as the leader of Debian for two years. I served on the boards of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) for six years, Software in the Public Interest (SPI) for almost five years and Software Freedom Conservancy for almost eight years. I'm very interested in open source foundations and the role they play in supporting open source projects.

I'm also an open source accounting geek and I contribute to ledger, beancount, and ledger2beancount. I enjoy improving financial management and governance, providing oversight and automating business processes.

I used to work for Hewlett-Packard for nine years, facilitating and leading internal and external open source activities. I currently work as a freelance consultant, providing services related to open source community management, open source foundations and governance, open source accounting tooling, and process and business automation.

Apart from spending time at the computer, I like to read, to listen to music and to travel. I love being in the ocean or on a beach and I have been to a number of amazing beaches all over the world.

I'm fairly busy but tend to be pretty good at responding to e-mail. If you'd like to get in contact to discuss anything found on this web site, see my contact page. I also maintain a blog which I update every now and then.